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5 Simple Easter Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Easter is almost upon us. We’ve been home schooling for what feels like an eternity and we need a few SIMPLE crafts for the kids that don’t involve drafting in the A-Team. Here are 5 simple but effective Easter ideas…

1. Paper Handprint Bunnies

These handprint bunnies from One Little Project At A Time are so simple to make

2. Toilet Roll Easter Chicks

These Easter chicks are super simple especially if you’ve been hoarding toilet rolls during lockdown.

3. Easy Easter Egg Decoration

Very easy to do and who doesn’t love a unicorn?!

4. Very Simple Easter Card

These cute little Easter egg cards are a doddle to make. Hurrah!

5. Plastic Bottle Easter Basket

Whilst we’re all trying to go plastic free, if you do happen to have a bottle lying around before the recycling is taken away, then these are really easy to do and loook great

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